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We have been selling firewood throughout the Hills and Adelaide for over a decade.

At our Verdun site our firewood will be kept undercover to keep the wood and you dry if you are picking it up. We also deliver firewood throughout the region and we have a number of mini tipper trucks and a 4 wheel drive ute to try and get the wood where you store it.

Adelaide Hills Garden Supplies unique gridded firewood bucketOur unique gridded firewood loader

When loading firewood for deliveries or into customers trailers or utes we have what is called a gridded bucket on our loader. The bucket is made up with a series of bars with gaps. This means that any fine material falls through which ensures the customer is not ending up with and paying for rubbish.

We stockpile thousands of tonnes of dry seasoned red gum and we also source mallee stumps and logs. All our wood is sold by weight over our weighbridge and we also have kindling and red gum in bags plus fire lighters, briquettes charcoal and more.